We believe EAWC presents a new and unique concept for the promotion, development, manufacturing and commercializion of green technologies. In view of the ever-increasing Worldwide demand for water and energy, EAWC endeavours to make available environmentally-friendly and sustainable methods of producing and purifying water, in addition to the generation of energy (Waste-to-Energy). Towards these ends, it has acquired the relevant licenses that give it the right to sell and produce the associated technologies while ensuring, through its partnership with Swiss Water Tech R&D , the provision of related services including: Research & Development, technical maintenance; education; & training.

EAWC was created on the premise that there isn't only one solution that addresses the problematic issue of water scarcity, nor the energy generation and/or saving needs of our World. At EAWC we have the technologies that can be applied in such a way as to complement one-another and bring about a more holistic solution. Blending technologies in this manner benefits projects in such a way as to offer: long-term sustainability; short term returns on the initial investment; and, a strong financial position throughout the life of the project. Neither does such an application of EAWC's technologies result in an exponential increase of capital expenditure.  The technologies represented by EAWC enable a framework for implementing real solutions to real needs to support water scarcity and clean energy production

Either through a combination or by individual use of EAWC Technologies, it is possible to create a completely self-sufficient energy-generation and water-production system that can  simultaneously meet the water and electrical needs of communities.